Art by Robot Young.

The second album from datapuddle, my post-pop beat combo.

Alex – data

Steve – puddle

Marc – sticks

Simon – low end

Recorded by Kevin Feazey.

“Hollow clangs, rip-cord buzzes and various bleeps and bloops litter the songs with a sound both technically precise and entirely organic, like some of the best National tracks mixed with a CD of city soundscapes.”  - Shark Party

“I’m completely enamoured with the exotically tailored instrumental ‘I Risk Losing My Shine (Redux)’ and the gently jangling flicker of ‘Locational Assist’ but there is plenty more to lap up.” - mp3 hugger

“This is unusually original and inventive music, which nails the difficult trick of being so without doing anything stylistically bizarre, or overtly difficult for the listener.” - Oliver Arditi

“I am slowly getting hooked on the LPs quirky pop charms.” - indie MP3

“a lofi electro-folk essay in 21st century anxiety.” - Stephen Morris, BBC

“A big pop-swirl of electrofolkadelic head-bumf, including tales of space, murder, the future, thwarted lust, revolving lifts to nowhere in particular, tupperware and monkeys.” - datapuddle

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