What is a lextrical?

That’ll be me, Alex Vald. This site is an archive of my recent(ish) musical work.

Some bonus facts:

Back in the nineties I played in and then escaped from the Dream City Film Club.

I have been involved in the care of animatronic dinosaurs. Please ensure that they are all switched off before taking the elephants for a stroll around the zoo.

I’ve got a radio show on Seeks Music – The Land of Lextrical.

What is a music bean?

Good question. Music beans are 150-odd tracks of musical meanderings that I composed as aural accompaniments to the work of a range of work by visual artists and/or vice-versa. The enigmatic Mr Earbrass got me going with a shedload of fine work and then a bunch of other artists got involved, most of whom I met on Twitter. The project ran almost daily for six months before I moved onto a more sporadic schedule.

If you want to hear all the music beans in one big player then they are here. Over three hours of music. I bear no responsibility for broken ears or brains.

If you would like a BeanBag – a selection of music beans on a CD with a handpainted sleeve then click here.

What is a datapuddle?

That’ll be me and my old friend Mr Steve Puddle. The project started out as just the two of us with some electro-gizmos and then expanded to include the mighty talents of Simon and Marc on live bass and drums. We’ve recorded two albums with Kev Feazey and have been slowly releasing new tracks as we finish them.

What is Yonks?

Yonks is my collaboration with guitar-loop maestro, Matt Stevens.

Where has the box gone?

Still not sure, but in the meantime we’ll continue to work on great web projects.